aitecs® 3017
Large Volumetric Pump (LVP)

The aitecs 3017 infusion pump is an advanced, configurable multi-purpose infusion pump, that provides patient safety by facilitating use from basic infusions to advanced clinical applications.

aitecs® 2017
Syringe Driver

The aitecs 2017 syringe pump is an advanced, configurable and versatile syringe pump offering enhanced safety in all clinical environments. The common user interface across the aitecs range promotes ease of use and simplifies device training needs.

New Pumps Range from Vygon.

Vygon (UK) Ltd is now offering the latest in infusion technology, making us a complete solution provider for all intravenous therapy needs.

The new generation of aitecs pumps is available as syringe and volumetric pumps. Both operate through an infusion platform to provide excellent connectivity, flexibility, and reliability, complete with in-built safety mechanisms and easy-to-operate INFUGARD™ software.

Both pump types connect to a separate docking station and can be viewed as a bedside overhead display or at a nurses’ station.

The pumps’ INFUGARD™ software enables hard and soft limits to be set ensuring accurate dosage delivery and enhanced safety. They are ideal for use in all hospital departments as well as the homecare environment.