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Here you can read feedback from medical
practitioners at NHS Trusts using our pumps technology.

“This technology provides huge benefits to both staff and patients”

A Bespoke IV Service

At Vygon we have the flexibility to offer customers bespoke products and services that can enhance their overall efficiency, improve patient safety, prevent errors and support the staff.

Hospitals benefit hugely from our on-site training, ongoing support and consultancy that we provide as part of our service. We still look at any situation from a clinical perspective, to ensure the nursing staff, the patients, the hospital and procurement are all getting the tailored solution for their specific needs.

With the addition of infusion technology to Vygon’s product range, we can now provide a complete and bespoke solution for all your intravenous therapy needs as part of an ongoing business partnership.

This technology provides huge benefits and can really make a difference to both those using it and the patients themselves.

Find out how the aitecs infusion platform worked for ITU-HDU Senior Charge Nurse Kizito Kamasho and his team at West Middlesex Hospital.

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Pumps Provide Safety and Efficiency Benefits

Seeing patient data on-screen and setting hard and soft limits for drug delivery are just two of the benefits of using the new infusion technology, according to Kizito Kamasho, Senior Charge Nurse (ITU-HDU) at West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust.

Kizi and his colleagues are the first hospital team to be using the technology and are evaluating the aitecs pumps over six months. He said: “One of the features I find particularly helpful is having all the necessary information readily available on the screen. It means you can see straightaway the situation without having to push more buttons and enter the system and that saves a lot of time when you need to work quickly.”

As the person responsible for programming the pumps software with its hard and soft limits, drug types and protocols, Kizi believes it is well worth the initial investment of time and training.

“The software offers increased safety for both users and patients with the setting of hard limits. It is possible to override these but the dosage alert acts as a warning that makes you stop and double-check, it’s like an extra safety mechanism.

“The pumps are as safe as the information that is programmed in at the outset. The more data you include, the better it will be. Yes, it takes time, but I believe it is time well-spent that will pay dividends in the long-term regarding responsibility for dosage, staff efficiency and patient safety.”

Kizito Kamasho

Kizito Kamasho

Senior Charge Nurse (ITU-HDU) at West Middlesex University Hospital