Infusion Consumables

To complement the new generation of aitecs syringe and volumetric pumps, we also provide a full range of products to meet all your infusion needs. This includes consumables and accessories for IV management as well as needle-free devices such as Bionector, Vadsite and Curos Port Protector.


IV Management

This range is designed to assist clinicians when selecting the most appropriate infusion line for intended IV therapy.

Protect-A-Line comes in a range of lengths and is designed to enhance patient safety, as are A-sets; our one-piece multi-lumen IV access system.

We also offer wide and narrow IV extension lines and a range of coiled extension lines.

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Needle-free Devices

Our range of Bionector and Vadsite needle-free devices is designed to enhance clinician efficiency and patient safety while reducing the risk of infection. All are developed in consultation with healthcare professionals and are evaluated by medical practitioners – some of them refuse to use anything else!

Curos Port Protectors

Curos, a disposable disinfection cap, can help reduce CRBSIs by 69%* with staff compliance. A clear favourites of healthcare professionals.

*Results of a six month study into staff compliance when using Curos Port Protectors on all needle-free devices on more than 1,000 patients at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, conducted by Corinne Cameron-Watson, Senior Infection Control Nurse. CRBSI rates dropped from 26 cases to just 8 during trial period.